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Hypnosis for Phobias With Didi Vergados & Lesley Mitchell Clarke From

Hypnosis for Phobias With Lesley Mitchell Clarke & Didi Vergados From Bloom Hypnosis Transcript

Didi: Hi everybody, my name is Didi Vergados and today I am here with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke my wonderful colleague and we are going to be speaking about phobias. Because phobias in hypnosis are one of the things that hypnosis is most well […]

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Hypnosis For Pain Management

Hypnosis for Pain Management Transcript with Didi Vergados & Lesley Mitchell Clarke of Bloom Hypnosis
Didi: Hi, my name is Didi Vergados and I’m the Director here at the Bloom Center for hypnotherapy. And today we’ll be speaking with our pain specialist Leslie Mitchell Clark, about the very real impact that goes along with living with […]

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Food, Weight Loss and Hypnosis For Inner Conflicts

In this podcast Hypnotist Didi Vergados explains why and how we are emotionally conflicted when it comes to eating. She will share how this occurs and what we can do to address our inner conflicts around food for emotional eating.

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