Q. What is hypnosis and how does it work?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary hypnosis is: An artificially induced altered state of consciousness, characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to direction.

Hypnosis is an altered state of highly focused consciousness, and can be an extremely powerful tool when used to intentionally seek out and find the underlying causes of our limiting behaviors. Through hypnosis we can bypass the conscious mind and gain access the unconscious mind where information about our behaviors, our beliefs, our attitudes and the root cause of many of our feelings and emotional behaviors lie. The process we use to do this under hypnosis is called regression. The symptoms of these limitations can manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, phobia’s, overeating, uneasy feelings and self sabotage.

Many of us know that we want to change, and in many cases know exactly what it is that we need to change – yet we’re unable to follow through and make the necessary changes. Why is that? This is because 90% of the time our behaviours are the result of programs that run from our unconscious minds. Working directly with the unconscious mind allows us to modify or eliminate existing limiting behaviours and create or strengthen new resourceful behaviours and strategies.

You can think of your mind are like an ice burg, with the conscious mind being the top of the ice burg that you can see. This is that part of your mind that you have access to – it is in your conscious awareness.

The unconscious mind however, is what lies beneath the surface, it is where the majority of our programming and limiting behaviours stem from. Most of the time these behaviors are being carried out automatically and unconsciously – out of our awareness, and this is why they are difficult to change on our own.

Through hypnosis we help you to identify the programs you are running in your unconscious mind that are no longer useful to you, and bring about a sense resolution though providing new and strategies and ways of being.

This process is carried out through the use of positive suggestions that are programmed directly into your unconscious mind. This is beneficial because the vast majority of the time these changes will run themselves, automatically and unconsciously.

What Hypnosis Can And Cannot Do

Hypnosis Can

  • Tap into your higher potential
  • Change your unconscious programming
  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Eliminate unwanted stress and anxiety
  • Reveal things to you about yourself that you may have been unaware of
  • Change unhealthy perceptions
  • Help you to more clearly perceive or resolve troubling situations
  • Change limiting beliefs into positive and empowering beliefs
  • Become more self aware and gain a deeper insight into what is driving your behaviours
  • Rid yourself of fears and phobias
  • Change negative thought patterns into positive and empowering thought patterns
  • Help you to letting go of anger and resentment
  • Learn new and healthy coping mechanisms for unwanted behaviors such as overeating, alcohol or drug addiction
  • Program your mind with self affirming positive thoughts and behaviors

Hypnosis Cannot

  • Make you do something you don’t want to
  • Make you into something you are not. “An amazing artist when you can’t draw”
  • Erase memories from your mind. Hypnosis can however, assist you in coming to a place of acceptance or resolution.
  • Cannot hurt or damage you in any way

Q.  How will I know if it’s working and I am under hypnosis?

When most people think of hypnosis they envision subjects on stage at a show that look as if they can be made to do anything. Only about 5% of the population is so highly suggestible that they look as if they are completely under the control of the hypnotist. These are the people you are seeing on the stage at a show.

What you can expect to feel is deeply relaxed,  although relaxation is not necessary to go into a hypnotic trance. Your will find that your ability to focus inward on feelings, memories and events is enhanced with most people able to recall things from the past with great clarity and detail that may be surprising.  You may also find that you are able to visualize with far greater detail and feeling. Some may also lose their perception of time, feeling as if they have only been under for 10 minutes when in actuality 45 minutes have passed. And of course one are more amicable to the guidance and positive suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. At Bloom our hypnotherapists only use positive suggestions rather than aversive suggestions. Aversive suggestions are things like, “every time you put  a cigarette to your mouth you will want to vomit.” These suggestions are not healthy, because in the future if the individual begins smoking again, the body and mind will be in conflict with one another, and this is never something we want to create.


Q.  Can I use hypnosis on myself

Yes, you can use hypnosis on yourself. Our hypnotherapists will give you suggestions that allow you to return to a resourceful state, such as feeling empowered,  calm or at peace so that you may call upon these states in a time of need during your waking state. We can also teach you, and most often do, how to bring yourself into a hypnotic trance so that you may carry on useful mental programming with yourself at home.

Q.  What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Using NLP a practitioner is able to break down ones subjective behaviour into bits of information, discovering the triggers and causes of that behaviour. Using NLP the practitioner then builds a new set of healthy and resourceful behaviors to replace outmoded and ineffective behaviors.

NLP came about from modeling the most effective therapies and therapists in the world, some of which include Gestalt Therapy, the hypnotic techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, and parts work by Virginia Satir. NLP is not picky however, willing to model any technique that leads to excellence in human performance. One of the most notable practitioners in NLP is Anthony Robbins. He is able to use NLP techniques that impact and change the lives of thousands of people in a given weekend seminar.

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Celebrities Who Have Used Hypnosis…

Aaron Eckhart
Used hypnosis for:
Quit Smoking & Drinking
Albert Einstein
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
Ashton Kutcher
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Ben Affleck
Used Hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Billy Joel
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Bruce Willis
Used hypnosis for:
Charlize Theron
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
David Beckham
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
Debra Messing
Used hypnosis for:
Drew Barrymore
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Ellen DeGeneres
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Used hypnosis for: Nail
Biting & Meth Addiction
Henry Ford
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
Jackie Kennedy O.
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
James Earl Jones
Used hypnosis for:
Career Success
Jessica Alba
Used hypnosis for:
Hypno – Birthing
Jimmy Connors
Used hypnosis for:
Career Success
Kevin Costner
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
Lily Allen
Used hypnosis for:
Weight Loss
Used hypnosis for:
Nightmares of Jail
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Used hypnosis for:
Personal development
Melissa Joan Hart
Used hypnosis for:
Hypno – Birthing
Used hypnosis for:
Weight Loss
Used hypnosis for:
Confidence / Speaking
Kate Middleton
Used hypnosis for:
Morning Sickness
Ricky Martin
Used hypnosis for:
Career Success
Samuel L Jackson
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
Sean Connery
Used hypnosis for:
Personal Development
Sean Penn
Used hypnosis for:
Personal Development
Winston Churchill
Used hypnosis for:
Avoiding Tiredness
Sophie Dahl
Used hypnosis for:
Weight Loss
Steve Hooker
Used hypnosis for:
Career Success
Sylvester Stallone
Used hypnosis for:
Career Success
Tiffani Thiessen
Used hypnosis for:
Hypno – Birthing
Tiger Woods
Used hypnosis for:
Career Success
Whoopi Goldberg
Used hypnosis for:
Fear of Flying
Winona Ryder
Used hypnosis for:
Quit smoking
And There’s More…….
  • Kevin Costner flew his hypnotist to Hawaii to cure seasickness
  • Jackie Kennedy overcome tragedies in her life
  • Winona Ryder used hypnosis to quit smoking
  • Michael Jackson musical mental blocks and relaxation
  • Samuel L Jackson smoking
  • Tony Curtis fear of flying
  • Sean Penn used hypnosis to obtain a better quality of life.
  • Oprah Winfrey routinely had hypnotists on her television program.
  • In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the Russian Olympic team took no less than 11 hypnotists to develop mental clarity and help the athletes with visualizationEngland cricket captain Mike Brearley consulted a Sports Hypnotherapist to improve his game. Ben Affleck used hypnosis to become a nonsmoker. Gaganjeet Bhullar qualified for the 2009 British Open by using Golf Hypnosis administrated by a hypnotherapist to program a winning mind set.Boxer Collins attributed to the focusing of attention created by hypnosis. Collins was programmed to deliver two punches to Eubank’s one. In the fight Eubank threw 300 punches, Collins threw over 600. Sean Connery Used hypnosis for Personal DevelopmentIn 1967, a dentist, Dr. Raymond Abrezol, guided the Swiss ski team to achieving Olympic gold medals using hypnotic techniques.
  • Jane Pauly used hypnosis on her network show.
  • Whoopi Goldberg Used hypnosis for: Fear of Flying
  • John Barrymorestared in the movie Svengali. The movie was filmed in 1931. This painted a very scary image of hypnosis
  • The Arthur Godfrey’s shows had hypnotist on television even before colr TV existed.
  • In the 1988 Seoul Olympic Summer Games, when Olympic diver Greg Louganis hit his head on the board while performing a complicated dive during the 3 meter final. In what is considered one of the greatest feats in sporting history, Louganis, his head gushing blood, had the wound treated while he put earphones on to listen to hypnosis tapes.
  • Ken Norton used hypnosis in 1973 to beat Muhammed Ali. He also broke Muhammed jaw in this fight.
  • Short stop Ozzie Smith St. Louis cardinals
  • In 1984 Mary Lou Retton used hypnosis to prepare for the Los Angles Olympics. She won a gold medal even though she had an injured foot.
  • In 1983 the Chicago hired a hypnotist and made the playoffs.
  • Phil Jackson has used hypnosis while playing for Chicago Bulls and the Los Angles Lakers.
  • In baseball Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Maury Wills, Don Sutton, report to have used hypnosis prior to games.
  • In 1956,Pope Pius XII gave his approval of hypnosis.
  • Tiger Woods is an excellent example of an incredible athlete who has used hypnosis to achieve a phenomenal level of success in golf. He has reportedly been utilizing powerful self-hypnosis techniques since his early teens.
  • Orlando Bloomwas so hooked on chocolate as a child, his mother called in a hypnotist to help him.
  • Sigmund Freuddeveloped modern psychiatry as a result of learning about and practicing hypnosis.
  • Sylvester Stalloneworked with the famous hypnotherapist Gil Boyne while filming Rocky in 1975. After struggling as a actor. Sylvester Stallone used hypnosis for motivation to cope with the countless rejections of his manuscript for his film ‘Rocky’. that movie that went on to make millions at the box office.
  • Alfred, Lord Tennysonrepeated names to himself like a hypnotic mantra in order to access different states of consciousness in which whole poems came to him.
  • Michael Jordan Probably the best basketball player of all time. He used hypnosis in his team the Chicago Bulls.Jack Nicklaus (golf pro)
    Openly claims that hypnotherapy and visualization techniques are the sole reason for his improved levels of concentration during play.
  • Andre Agassi The famous tennis player used hypnosis to win 17 gold masters. Energy, control, focus, strength and power
  • Rod Carew This baseball player used hypnosis to make him one of the best players ever. He was able to visualize
  • Shaquille O’neal Excellent basketball player used hypnosis with the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant for better aim energy and skill.
  • Frank Bruno used hypnosis during his boxing career to focus on winning each fight
  • Andy Cole footballer used hypnosis to become the 2nd best goal scorer
  • Dexter Jackson used hypnosis in 2008 Mr.Olympia Winner
  • Dan Luger Dan used hypnosis often to lead the edge in the world of rugby
  • Steve Hooker Olympic Gold Medalist Pole Vault holder USED hypnotism to win a gold medal in Beijing
  • Jimmy Conners took advantage of the power of hypnosis and won 148 titles and 8 grand slams.
  • Kevin Mcbride Top Irish boxer who beat Tyson with the aid of hypnosis and extra mind
  • Power
  • Shannon Bahrke Olympic free style skier. World cup champion and silver medalist with the help of hypnosis.
  • Cory Everson Female bodybuilder won the Miss olympia over six times. Cory uses mind power and hypnosis to shape her physique
  • Dorian Yates This massive British bodybuilder won the Mr. Olympia 7 times beating Arnold using hypnosis
  • Pittsburg Steelers used hypnosis
  • Walton Glenn Eller, native of Katy, Texas won the Gold Medal and set two Olympic Records in Men’s Double Trap with hypnosis
  • Top Equestrian Winners at Wellington use Hypnosis to Boost Their Wins
  • The entire 1983 Chicago White Sox team used hypnosis to help win their division and reach the playoffs that year.
  • Chuck Clausen (former coach of the Philadelphia Eagles) used hypnosis
  • Tampa Bay Lighting (goaltender Kevin Weekes and center Brad Richards) NHL
    hockey players discussing their use of hypnotism in the St. Petersburg Times
  • Bill Buckner professional major league baseball player for the Chicago Cubs and
    Los Angeles Dodgers discusses how he used hypnosis to become one of the best
    hitters in the MLB
  • Jim Eisenreich professional major league baseball player for the Minnesota Twins
    discusses how he used hypnosis to get over nervousness
  • Adam Nelson Olympic Silver Medalist in shot put speaks to NPR about using
    hypnotism to win Olympic medals in an interview transcribed from radio on May
    27, 2008.
  • Ivan Thomas wins the 400m world cup race after using hypnosis
  • Deana Rushworth a PGA Golf professional discusses using hypnosis to work on her
    mental game
  • Damion Easley a famous Anaheim Angles and Detroit Tigers Major League
    Baseball player speaking on using hypnosis
  • Professional boxer Tommy “2 guns” Griffith using hypnotism to prepare for fights.
  • Jeff Jaeger NFL kicker for the Oakland Raiders using hypnosis to perform better.
  • Bill Bates NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys using hypnosis to perform better.
  • Vincent Hancock Olympic Gold Medalist in Skeet Shooting is discussed in San
    Francisco Chronicle/Gate on Sunday, August 17, 2008 about his use of hypnosis.
  • Bob Reese, the head trainer and hypnotherapist of the New York Jets uses relaxation and visualization techniques to reprogram his players’
  • Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill utilized hypnosis
  • Sophie Dahl (model): Lost a massive amount of weight with help from hypnosis
  • Mark McGuire has used a sports psychologist/hypnotist
  • Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) used post-hypnotic suggestions in order to stay awake all night and avoid tiredness during W.W.II.
  • Mozart (1756-91) apparently composed the famous opera “Cosi fan tutte” while hypnotized.
  • Hitler was trained in hypnosis. As we know Hitler was a successful hypnotist. (He became blind during WW1 but regained his sight with the aid of hypnosis. The hypnotist was shot by the Gestapo in 1933.) Once he had sufficient expertise he shot the hypnotist. Marketing, as taught in the West, is founded on the propaganda techniques used by the Hitler regime. All advertising is hypnosis, so to ask for specific examples of famous athletes and coaches who use hypnosis, well they all do, though not necessarily with a full understanding of the process.
  • Albert Einstein (1879-1955) physicist – was known to have his hypnosis sessions every afternoon. His theory of relativity came to him during one of these sessions. He also used trance states to develop his ideas.
  • Mark Knopfler, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron beat their smoking habit through hypnosis.
  • Hollywood actor Aaron Eckhart has credited hypnosis with changing his life forever after he used the practice to give up smoking and alcohol.
  • Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip is also trained as a hypnotist.
  • Kate Middletonused HypnoBirthing, a powerful hypnosis technique
  • Julia Roberts used hypnosis for stuttering
  • Melissa Joan Hart. Child Birth
  • Seigei Rachmaninoffcomposed his “Second Piano Concerto” following a post-hypnotic suggestion given by Nikolai Dahl, a pioneer in hypnosis.
  • Martha Stewart Hypnosis apparently eradicated poor Martha’s recurring nightmares of jail
  • The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson used hypnosis smoking, weight, and nail biting.
  • Car manufacturer and billionaire, Henry Ford was a loyal hypnosis client
  • Mel Gibson underwent hypnosis to help him deal with his problems
  • Courtney Love used hypnosis to control weight
  • Bruce Willis used hypnosis to help stop their stuttering.
  • Daryl Hannah used hypnosis to end her debilitating stage fright.
  • Kim Kardashianhas reportedly used a ‘hypno-band’ (hypnotic form of the gastric band) to aid weight loss
  • Chopin (1810-1849) pianist and composer both took classes in hypnosis at the University of Strasbourg.
  • Jessica Alba,pregnant with her second child decided to use hypnosis.
  • Kelly Rippa of the TV show Regis & Kelly, used hypnosis to overcome her fear of flying
  • Lloyd Bridges (of “Sea Hunt”), was hypnotized by Pat Collins
  • Ricky Martin (Singer)– Has used Hypnosis to advance his singing career.
  • Pitching great Sandy Koufax how to reduce his smoking habit with hypnosis.
  • Emily Deschanel, (Dr. Temperance Brennan, on Bones) used HypnoBirthing for her recent baby
  • Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch resolved her fear of flying through hypnotherapy. “I took classes on hypnosis and eventually became a certified hypnotherapist,”
  • Billy Joel used hypnosis
  • Britney Spears used hypnosis
  • Prince Harry is the latest in a long list of famous people to turn to Hypnotherapy to improve their lives
  • Helen Reddy is an Australian-American singer and actress … and now practices as a clinical hypnotherapist and motivational speaker.
  • Cary Grant overcame insomnia with hypnosis
  • Johnny Mathis overcame stage fright with hypnosis
  • Orson Wells was also a very well known hypnotist
  • Ventriloquist Paul Winchell was also a hypnotist. He could produce the perfect hypnotic voice.
  • James Earl Jones famous actor and voice of Darth Vader (Star Wars) and Mufasa (Lion King) used hypnosis to overcome stuttering.
  • Princess Diana used hypnosis for public speaking and confidence.
  • Dolly Parton, the country singer/song-writer used hypnosis to improve her song writing ability
  • Nigella Lawsonrevealed that the secret behind her 13kg weight loss was hypnotherapy
  • Lilly Tomlin a famous American and Canadian comedian used hypnosis to become more creative in her comedy writing and performing
  • Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, used hypnosis to prepare for his round the world trip in a hot air balloon.
  • Lana Turner married her 7th husband who was a hypnotist. The marriage ended after only six months. Dante a hypnotist went to prison after putting out a contract killing of another hypnotist.
  • Lord Tennyson Alfred(1809-92) wrote complete poems while hypnotized.
  • Carl Jung  & Sigmund Freud Both developed modern psychiatry as a result of learning about and practicing hypnosis.
  • Jean Alesi Racing Car Driver – Uses Hypnosis
  • John McAfeeused hypnosis to help his employees excel
  • Thomas Edisonused self—hypnosis on a regular basis
  • Lily Allen (singer):Another celeb (Lily is a singer from the UK) who used weight loss hypnosis successfully – she lost so much weight she dropped 3 dress sizes.
  • Reese Witherspoon. She also used Hypnotherapy whileon the set of the movie “Wild” to help tame her nerves.
  • Simon Cowell used hypnosis to become free of smoking
  • Demi Moore used hypnosis to forget her love for Ashton Kutcher
  • Katy Perry went to a hypnotist to stop smoking
  • John McAfeeused hypnosis to help his employees excel
  • Geri Halliwell (singer):The ex-spice girl again adds to the numbers of Celebs who used hypnotherapy to lose weight and get fit.
  • Ashton Kutcher (actor):Aston is a big fan of hypnosis, using it for various issues that we know of. Firstly he used it when he first got into acting to help him to focus, and to visualize his own success and stardom.
  • Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (celebrity): Used hypnosis to overcome her life-long fear of snakes.
  • Ellen DeGeneres (celebrity):Ellen underwent hypnosis live on her TV chat show, and used it’s power to successfully stop smoking.
  • Anthony Hopkins used hypnosis to quit smoking
  • Courtney Cox stopped smoking with hypnosis Today Show Anchors Al Roker, Ellie Kemper, Natalie Morales Get Hypnotized on Live TV
  • Melanie Brown(former Spice Girl) on how hypnosis helped her to overcome anxiety.
  • Fergie (member of the Black Eyed Peas) on how hypnotherapy helped her with drug addiction.
  • “I do hypnotherapy, which is a really big thing in my life. It works well with me because you go back into your subconscious and there are positive suggestions that are said to you. It really works for me.”
  • ActorJohn Travolta utilized hypnosis to help enhance is acting skills and confidence