Hypnosis For Infertility

Hypnosis For Fertility Enhancement


Infertility and Stress HypnosisTen to 15% of couples will experience infertility, and one of the most frustrating and stressful experiences that a couple trying to begin a family can go through is the medical diagnosis of “Undiagnosed Infertility”. Although this diagnosis is difficult to hear and even more difficult to absorb, it is important to remember that it is only saying “we don’t know”.

One of the main contributors to fertility issues is stress. It has been said that “stress can reduce fertility and reduced fertility can increase stress”. According to Dr. Gayle Peterson Ph.D., the developer of Body-Centered Hypnosis, high anxiety states in the mother must be reduced in order to normalize pregnancy and birth.

Stress can cause such dramatic changes in the hormonal system that women have been known to stop menstruating, and excessive stress can cause spasms in the Fallopian Tubes.Pregnant girl with her boyfriend doing yoga

So one of the initial things that our hypnotherapist will focus on is generalized stress reduction for both partners, so as to interrupt the “cycle of stress and stressors”. Dr. Alice Domar PhD. who has been published in several Fertility Journals also emphasizes mind body techniques that include self-hypnotic suggestions to reduce the stresses that interfere with conception in healthy pregnancy.

Preganant woman getting hypnosis for infertilityOnce stress is reduced through tried and true hypnosis techniques, specific hypnotic suggestions can be used begin to affect the chemistry lab that is the human body. It is this profound “mind-body connection” through the path of the unconscious mind that can help to stabilize hormones, regulate ovulation, enhance the quality and production of sperm and support the endometrial lining of the uterus in order to create the optimum environment for the fertilized egg to develop.

Whether you are working to achieve pregnancy without medical intervention, or are involved in Hypnosis for Fertility Enhancement Researchvarious medical fertility processes, Hypnotherapy for fertility enhancement will help you to pass through these processes in a calm, comfortable and relaxed way. It is a safe and complimentary treatment that will help to increase the effectiveness of prescribed fertility medications, IVF, IUI and donor egg procedures. In fact, current research shows that “Hypno-Fertility” treatments more than double the success of IVF

procedurHypnosis is successful for pregnancyes, and consistently prove to be effective in bringing happy, healthy babies into the world!