Hypnosis For Obsessive Or Intrusive Thoughts

Do you feel like your mind is a broken CD, that just gets stuck in the same old rut repeating the same old thoughts over and over again? And these thoughts may not be what we would call the most “positive thoughts”. They just seem to barge in and linger there, intruding in on your life and putting you into a bad state of mind. Often painting a picture of the worst case scenario, along with all the possibilities of what could go wrong. Or even worse, the thoughts make you question or second guess yourself. All of this thinking can leave a person feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Are you tired of being a host to these intrusive thoughts?

Break The Cycle Of Obsessive Thinking And Gain Control Of Your Thoughts

How many of us have gym memberships realizing the importance of the need to work out our bodies and flex our muscles.

But how often can you say you flex your mental muscles, focusing on positive thoughts that are empowering and motivating? Thoughts that inspire you and bring you joy.

Far too often our mental workouts are neglected, and when this happens our minds and emotions can become overgrown and unruly with intrusive or compulsive thoughts. Having these thoughts drifting in and out of our minds can often deflate us, undermine our confidence and be frustrating with no real solution at hand.

Research shows that we can learn how to mange and control obsessive or intrusive thoughts and rewire a more positive mind set into the brain. And, we can do this all through using the power of the mind.

If you find yourself having intrusive or compulsive thoughts that barrage your mind and take you to a place of overwhelm, anxiety or sheer frustration then please give us a call today.

Though our 6 step program at The Bloom Center For Hypnotherapy we can help you to flex your mental muscles once again and gain control of your thoughts, in a way that will leave you feeling more confident and in control.

The 6 Keys to Breaking The Cycle Of Obsessive Thinking And Gaining Control Of Your Thoughts

At The Bloom Center For Hypnotherapy we offer our own unique program that will help you to break the cycle of obsessive thinking and gain control of your thoughts. We do this through using a combination of Hypnosis, Personal Development Consulting and Neuro Linguistic Programming. In addition, our program is based on the successful work of Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz. Through his research with people who have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, he was able to demonstrate that we do have the ability overcome obsessive or intrusive thoughts and rewire our brains through the power of the mind.

Step 1: Create New And Positive Thoughts

This is where we create a new map or a template of the positive thoughts and behaviours that you wish to focus on. These thoughts and behaviours that we are creating are healthy, more empowering and will help you to build your self confidence and esteem.

Step 2: Discover What Is Behind The Obsessive or Intrusive Thoughts
Hypnosis & Regression

Using the process of regression through hypnosis, we will explore the origin of your intrusive or obsessive thoughts as well as the purpose behind them. We are specifically looking for the motivation behind the thoughts, internal conflicts you may have that are contributing to obsessive or intrusive thinking and finally any limiting beliefs you may hold about the world around you and your ability to cope with your life. We will also investigate for any other possible issues that may be contributing to un-useful thoughts that are influencing your thinking. Once these discoveries are made you have won 50% of the battle, because you will finally understand what the unconscious drivers of your obsessive or intrusive thoughts are.

Knowing Is Not Enough

Knowing is not enough though. In order to be successful in managing our thoughts, we must then create and implement new tools and effective strategies. These tools and strategies will help you to replace the un-useful thoughts with proactive and useful thoughts and behaviours allowing you to get your emotional needs met in a way that is healthy. You will also learn to address any unexpected situations that may come up in life in a these new and resourceful ways, rather than remaining stuck in downward cycle of un-useful thinking.

Step 3: Implementing New And Resourceful Strategies And Tools For Proactive Thoughts & Behaviours

This is the process where we create a set of personalized strategies and coping mechanisms for you that allow you to maintain the most optimal state of mind and emotional resourcefulness in any given situation. Included in these strategies is the ability to deal with stress effectively and to process and transform your emotions in a healthy way. We will also delve down into your subconscious inner potential for coping and managing difficult situations.

Step 4: Discovering Your Triggers

Through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming in addition to hypnosis, we will break down your thinking process and discover the triggers that cause or bring on the obsessive or intrusive thoughts. These are both the emotional or internal triggers or “defeating thoughts” you have that can cause obsessive thinking as well as the triggers within your environment. This thought process comes in the form of pictures you are creating in your minds eye, what you are saying to yourself about yourself, and how all of this makes you feel that ultimately brings you down and creates a disabling state of mind. Upon identifying your internal triggers, we will then begin transforming them into healthy self talk and proactive habits and behaviours so that you can develop a better sense of self esteem and empowerment.

Step 5: Cultivating Self Awareness & Learning To Use Your Thoughts In An Directed & Intentional Way To Create A Positive Mind Set

In order to create the Optimal State of Mind for emotional empowerment and healthy thoughts, we must cultivate a self – awareness about the thoughts that we have. These are the thoughts that empower us as well as the thoughts that bring us down and disable us.

We will provide you with the necessary tools and exercises that will help you to bring this sense of awareness around to your thoughts, feelings and the state of mind you hold. With these skills you will be able to use your thoughts in a very directed and intentional way, and prune back those unwanted thoughts, replacing them with healthy and empowering thoughts, so that you begin to ‘live’ in a positive mindset. What are you waiting for? Call us today for your free consultation and assessment at 416-709-8895.

Step 6: Break The Cycle Of Obsessive or Intrusive Thoughts Through Rewiring Your Brain For Success

Think of the brain like a CD that you put into your computer. The information needed to carry out the task has been burned onto that CD so that all the laser in the CD player has to do is follow the patterns burned into that CD in order to carry out the instructions.

Your brain is like that CD. Any thought, pattern or behaviour that we engage in over time begins to become burned or hardwired into the neural circuitry of your brain. This is our brains way of making us efficient. Think of the first time you learned to drive a car. You were so conscious of where your foot was on the petal, that you sat upright and were vigilant – aware of every little thing that was going on around you. And you certainly couldn’t carry on a conversation or drink your coffee as you were driving. Through the practice of driving continuously though, these new learning’s became hardwired into your brain, becoming second nature to you. This is what enables you to carry on conversations or get lost in your thoughts for minutes at a time without having to concentrate on every aspect of your driving.

It can be reassuring to know that the effective and useful behaviours are available to us instantly through being hardwired into our brains. But it has also has been shown that the un-useful hardwired information in our brains need not be permanent.

Research in brain plasticity is showing us that when we want to change a behaviour or pattern that has become hardwired into our brains – we can. We can do this by becoming aware of the pattern of thoughts we are having, breaking that pattern through awareness and then redirecting our thoughts to the new and healthy thoughts and behaviours we have created. Through repetition of this process we can successfully rewire our brains to this new way of being.

With our 6 step program at Bloom, we will ensure that you get what it is you need to break the cycle of obsessive or intrusive thoughts for once and for all. We will give you the necessary Tools, Personal Development Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions that will help you to rewire your brain in a way that leaves you feeling both confident and empowered with positive thoughts and emotional health.

Why This Can Work For You: The Research Behind the Process

In research carried out by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, he was able to demonstrate that he could take people who had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and have them rewire their brains in a successful way, allowing them to be free from obsessive thoughts.

According to PET scans(Positron Emission Tomography) , people with OCD have certain parts of their brain that are overactive showing a continuous pattern of brain activity. It is like a perpetual worry circuit has been locked on in the OCD persons brain which continues to cycle around and around, never giving them a break from the dread and anxiety of their compulsive thoughts. Thoughts like; I need to wash my hands, they feel dirty or I wonder if I locked the door.

Dr. Schwartz was able to demonstrate through a four step process he developed that an individual with OCD could successfully alter their brain and rewire the worry circuit that had been locked on to a pleasure circuit.

The approach he uses to have his patients rewire their brains is similar to the approach taken at Bloom. It is part mindful awareness and part cognitive behavior therapy. ‘ We at Bloom believe that if people with an extreme condition such as OCD are able to overcome their affliction, that you too can rewire your brain for positive thoughts and the emotional success you desire.

Break free from the cycle of obsessive or intrusive thoughts and begin to think and feel more positive and confident about yourself today.


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