Men Build Your Confidence With Women

Do you find yourself standing by the sidelines letting all the other guys have the dates because you are lacking the confidence you need to approach women? Maybe you begin to wonder if you are good enough, or think to yourself “A woman like that would never go for a guy like me”.

Men – this is the wrong state of mind to be in when it comes to approaching women. Because when you’re in this state of mind, it’s discouraging and begins to wear you down and erode away your self confidence. And before time, you start to think to yourself. “Why even bother anymore – what’s the point anyways, she’s never going to want to go out with me “.

If you’ve reached this point, and you’ve resorted to hiding behind a computer screen so that the first contact, just to get a date isn’t absolutely nerve racking – then we can help.

The optimal state of mind to attract a woman is one of confidence and knowing that what you have to offer is of value. That she would be just as lucky to have you, as you would be to have her.


Confidence & Personality

When it comes to attraction, the most valued features in a man is his self-confidence and personality. Many women are instantly attracted to the guy who seems to ‘fill the room’ regardless of whether he is a great looking guy or not. To women, a man who is confident and sure about himself, projecting an aura of composure, poise, and self-assurance is sexy and sure to win her over every time. Women are just like you, they want to feel good about themselves, and if you have enough self-confidence to put a women at ease and make her feel good, then this is a sure attractor.

A Man Who Has Value

A women must perceive that you have value in society. This is why women are attracted to rock stars, because they are seen as valuable by all of the other competing women. The best way to convey value and ultimately attract women is to do so naturally, coming from within. You must believe you are of value and have something to offer.

Most men try to project value through telling women they have value, “Look at my car” or “This is what I do and this is why I am important”. Trying to hard to prove that you have value just makes you less appealing and lacking in confidence. Women are perceptive and will pick up on this. Feeling valuable leads to others finding you valuable, and when you believe you have value, she believes you have value. At Bloom we will help you both feel valuable and project the confidence you need to attract women.

We can do this through:

  • Exploring what is stopping you from approaching women
  • Creating a sense of confidence that exudes from within
  • Helping you to realize your value  and what you have to offer as a man
  • Tap into your male virility – the unseen attractor that women find irresistible
  • Creating the optimal State Of Mind  for attracting women – Value & Confidence

<>Don’t spend another Friday night hiding behind the computer screen letting another date slip by. Call us today and experience a session with one of our highly trained hypnotherapists. We will help you create the optimal State of Mind that will have women flocking to you because of the confidence and value you exude.

Don’t wait, contact Bloom now, so you can find the love you are looking for.