Overcome Fear of Public Speaking / Performing & Protocols for Enhanced Memory

In this video former actress, singer and hypnotist Lesley Mitchell-Clark will be explaining how hypnosis can help you to be a better public speaker, help actors with stress and performance related anxiety, how hypnosis works for memory enhancement, and how hypnosis can eliminate creative blocks.

Does the idea of having to speak in front of a group of people absolutely scare you?

Soon it will be your turn to stand up and give your presentation, and you begin to think “Oh my God, what happens if I can’t get the words out?” You feel your heart beating faster and faster with each step you take towards the front of the room. Your hands begin to sweat, and your mouth is dry as the dread sets in – you really begin to wonder “can I really do this?”

Or, you’ve turned down opportunities for advancement because they involve giving presentations, and you simply can’t bring yourself to speak in front of a group. You realize that this is holding you back, but the fear is so overwhelming that it takes over your mind when you think about giving a presentation. At Bloom we can help you become comfortable and at ease in front of an audience, so that you so that you never have to turn down another opportunity again. We would like to introduce our specialists In Performance Enhancement…….

Didi Vergados

Didi Vergados was a member of Toast Masters International Public Speakers Club for 8 years. With her extensive background in hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and her long standing experience as a member Toast Masters International, Didi was able to create a winning strategy for confidence in speaking in public. This not only helped her to get over her own fear, but has also helped many of her clients overcome their fear of public speaking. For Didi’s first couple of years, despite being in Toastmasters, you could hear the tremor in her voice and her hands shook so visibly that her entire sheet of notes shook along with them. You see, Didi never felt she could give a speech without a full set of notes because she was so fearful that she would draw a blank and forget what she had to say. It wasn’t until she discovered her winning strategy that she could step up to the podium both confidently and comfortably and feel great while speaking in front of an audience. And it only took one thing to change all of her nervousness into the fun and excitement of being in front of the room. Didi would like to share her winning strategy with you, so that you too can gain the necessary confidence you need, to become a fearless public speaker.

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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As a former actor and vocalist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, BFA PsyT CH CNLP, is uniquely qualified to work with and understand the complex issues faced by creative and performing artists. During her professional performing career, she has appeared in numerous television programmes (“The Jeffersons”, “Laverne and Shirley”, “Queer as Folk”), films and commercials. As a vocalist, she has sung on many hit pop recordings throughout the 1980’s, and toured with her own band throughout the Orient and also appeared at “Caesar’s Palace” and other top Casinos in Reno, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. As a result of her desire to help performers of all artistic disciplines with their very specific issues, Lesley has developed profound, cutting-edge and effective hypnosis protocols that address common issues such as on-stage/on-set and audition anxiety, competition stress, creative blocks, memory/line-learning enhancement, motivation to practice and positive self-image enhancement. Whether you are a writer, ballet dancer, musician, comedian, actor or visual artist, Lesley would like to help you enrich your well-being, and transform your creative life and career through skilled us of her innovative techniques, deep empathy and first-hand experience of the creative process.





Why Hypnosis Can Work: A Multifaceted Approach

Get Rid Of The Fear

When it comes to speaking in front of a group most of us are plain and simply afraid! Afraid of what people will think about us, afraid of what will happen if we forget what we want to say, and afraid that we will mess up and make a fool of ourselves. But fear is not rational, it’s emotional and it stems from different level of our minds. So therefore, no matter how much we try and change a fearful behaviour with a rational approach, it just won’t work. If it did you would have already done this for yourself. In order resolve the fear, we need to work with the level of our minds in which the fear was created – our unconscious. Once we resolve the fear at this level, we can then begin to implement new strategies and resourceful behaviours that will allow you to speak fearlessly in front of a group or audience.

Change Your State of Mind

The next step in becoming a confident and comfortable presenter is to change your state of mind from dread to knowing why this is ultimately important for your audience. This helps take the pressure off of you, and place the emphasis where it belongs, on your audience. It becomes more about them and what they have to gain rather than how you “must perform” as an individual. When we take the pressure off of ourselves, we can remain relaxed and calm so that our thoughts are able to flow more freely. When in a calm State of Mind, we don’t “just” deliver a presentation, we can also interact with the audience and think quickly and sharply on our feet when called upon.

Create A Winning Strategy And Program Your Mind For Success

This is where we combine a number of empowering elements in order to create a personalized strategy for you  that will have you able to approach speaking from a powerful and confident state of mind. We then reherse this over and over until your mind has been programmed for success. At Bloom we believe, if you can imagine it on the inside, you can do it on the outside. It’s all just a matter of practice after that. So whether you would like to speak comfortably at a wedding, a corporate meeting or in giving presentations, hypnosis can help. Please feel free to contact us today at 416-709-8895. We want you to be so successful, so fearless and so excited about public speaking, that you want to shout it out from the roof tops. Because when you succeed, we succeed. Contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation @ 416-709-8895 and speak fearlessly and comfortably in front of any group or audience.