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Past life Regression & Life In Between Life Hypnosis With Didi Vergados & Lesley Mitchel Clarke – Transcript

Didi: Hey everybody, my name is Didi Vergados, and this is Leslie Mitchell Clark, and we’re here from Bloom hypnosis dot com, where we’re going be talking about; past life regression and in between life regression. We’re going be sharing with you a little bit of; what it is, how it came to be, the history and some of the cases that we’ve worked on. So, Leslie why don’t we by you sharing with us, a little bit about what you call pass life regression.

 Leslie: Very good Didi. Well, as most of you know, there is some controversy as to whether or not the idea of multiple lifetimes is in fact valid. And, I would point out to sort of demystify it just a little bit, the idea of reincarnation, the idea that we have lived multiple lifetimes, was actually part and parcel of doctrine of Judaism and Christianity and continues to be doctrine with Hindu religion and the Buddhist faith. And I’m sure, many other related faiths. So, a large percentage of the world accepts the idea of multiple lifetimes.

 Didi: That’s right, in fact, it was unwritten during 350, during the time of Constantinople?

 Leslie: Absolutely. When King Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, there was a huge caucus called the council Nicaea, where all the various Christian sets met and it was at that time, that the doctrine of reincarnation was ejected. I think probably for financial reasons, because if you can resolve your own issues, even if it takes multiple lifetimes, then you don’t need an intermediary to speak to God for you. So, they wanted to keep the public basically ignorant, and scared. So, reincarnation was ejected, that’s also the same time that Mary Magdalene became perceived as a prostitute, which she was not. So, that’s what happened, so it was an accepted part of doctrine. Now there is still huge controversy between, Theologians, certainly, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, edical personnel, scientists as to whether or not the literal multiple lifetime concept is a reality, or perhaps an experience, or a process of our subconscious mind. So, there is still controversy, however, here at Bloom hypnosis, we’re not really concerned overly with whether or not reincarnation is a literal fact. Because, what is clearly evident in both of our histories, and our experience with this process, is the idea of it, has tremendous healing power, tremendous power for transformation.

 Didi: Ok, and I’d also like to share some of our case histories with you just to show the impact that that has. So, I had worked, actually with a hypnotherapist, who had come in and I said so what do you wan to work with?  And she said that, she had this habit of whenever she would join say a business networking group, or a group of friends, if anyone had ever slighted her, she just would reject that group and never talk to them again. And I found this really interesting because she was a therapist herself. So, I said it her, I said so, does this mean that you leave the group and you’ve never worked it out with a person? You’ve never gone home and thought about your part and them thought about their part and then gotten back and apologized, and she had never done that, which I found was really amazing. So, we did the past life regression on her and she went back to a lifetime where in fact she was scared her whole lifetime because, she had a very, in those days, good paying job. She was working in the kitchen of a castle, and she was so scared to make friends, in case something political happened that she would lose her job, that she lived a very- very -very lonely and secluded life. And then consequently, we went to another lifetime where the same had occurred, and then we went to the life between life, where she had a meeting with the council members. And these are your spiritual councilors. And let me tell you, it was the first time that I’ve ever seen council members, really ream somebody out. They said you’ve done this two lifetimes and you’re not gonna do this for another one. And she had her dialog with them and so on and it continued. And a couple months later I said, so, remember what you came in for hypnosis for? And she actually couldn’t even remember the issue. So, as I reminded her, she said yeah, that’s not a problem anymore. So, just like that, it’s just so profound when we go back to the root cause and we discover where it came from and what needs to be done rectify that. We can have those kinds of miraculous healings. This is a woman who never in her lifetime, she’d cut off family members, she’d cut off friends. And she was basically cutting off her nose to spite her face. So, why don’t you relay to us, maybe some of the cases that you’ve worked with that have profound healing.

Leslie: Certainly, and you know obviously the idea of past life regression and life between lives regression as a therapy, is the very idea that we can release these old patterns, as Didi just highlighted in her case so succinctly. I think some of my most interesting cases have involved, personal relationships. And that being said, it’s a commonly held belief, by those of us who work in this area, and by; spiritual people, metaphysicians in general, that we incarnate in groups. And we change roles as we come into different lifetimes, kind of like a repertory company in theater, you know one play, you’re playing somebody’s mother, the next play you’re playing their sister or their lover or their enemy. So, we come in in these groups and I’m sure many of you who are watching this right now, had the experience where, either you instantly are attracted and compelled and feel very close to someone, who you just met. Or, conversely, you may feel; repulsed, angry, agitated also, with someone who you just met. So, I’m always fascinated when I do have someone in trance and they’re experiencing a lifetime. One of the things I ask them is to, identify people in this present time life that they have experienced other lifetimes within the past. And invariably, once that relationship is examined in the terms of the history, they are able to resolve conflicts or even move away entirely from a toxic relationship, if that is indicated. These are lessons that we seem to create for ourselves, and you know, Didi spoke very briefly about the life between lives experience. And the foremost authority would be Mr. Michael Newton if anyone is interested in researching it further. But, we seem to have a commonality of experience. There’re five or six key things that seem to happen to everyone when they are in that preparatory phase. Where they have left one life, and are about to enter into another. And one of those key experiences that everyone that I’ve ever worked with has to past through, is appearing before the council. Where they’re able to have the overview and also decide if they want to come in again. There have been so many fascinating experiences that I have been blessed to participate in, through the use of past life regression techniques, that I can hardly count them. But I think one of the most interesting ones, is my own son. My eldest son, who is now long an adult, from the time he was little, he was always talking about his other family. And I mean, from the age of two or three and finally, I did have him when he was able to, you know, draw pictures of this other family. And this other family he drew had different members, different dynamics and they all looked distinctly Asian. And even…

 Didi: She hasn’t even told me this. This is great.

 Leslie: And some of the female characters were even wearing what I would call kimono. So, it was very clearly not just Asian, but Japanese to me. And I didn’t share any of this with him. Now as a little child, he had a tremendous fair of loud sounds, and this is not…he was not a phobic child in any other sense or any other kind of way. Particularly, it would be horrendous at Canada day or the fourth of July. He would just shut down, practically go into a comatic state. Because the terror was so profound. So, some years later when he was of age, and a sort of late termed teenager, we did do a past life regression and very quickly a lifetime emerged where had been a Kamikaze pilot in World War II. And had in fact been made to crash his plane into an aircraft carrier. So, hence, the trauma of loud sounds, bangs, fighting, all of this stuff began to make a lot of sense. So, after this regression, like with so many of our clients, that phobia disappeared completely you know he was shooting off fireworks in the backyard. I mean, it completely and utterly disappeared. I would have to say his [10:14][Foreign language] for Japanese cuisine, has never diminished. So, that was a fascinating one. And another fascinating case and this is actually fairly recent Didi. This happened only a few months ago. A young lady came to me, very beautiful, tall, blonde, looked like a supermodel. But yet she was riddled with self-confidence issues. She had not really been able to rise to the position that she should have done in her work, she felt frustrated by that and didn’t really understand why. So, we got her into hypnosis, and the first life that we visited, she was an African American woman living in a large urban city in the 1950s. And she had had a very traumatic, poverty-stricken childhood and yet despite that, had managed to go to secretarial school which would have been very pioneering at that time. You have to remember this was the civil rights movement was only an idea really at this point. And she also managed to get a position in a very prestigious university. However, as you can well imagine, there was no rising beyond a low-end clerical and I’m sure that she saw many of her contemporizes who were white or whatever exceed and continue on. She also had an illegitimate child but she was very comforted by her religion, she was very active in the church. So, all of these issues painted incredibly; real, complex, detailed ridden portrait. And it’s not always that way, we don’t always get this kind of detail the regression process. I found this fairly unusual, and the amount of information I got, but of course, this was a very recent past life. Not that more recent lives necessarily yield more information. But, we got enough information from that past life regression that not only were her self-esteem issues resolved because now she was thinking of herself as a pioneer. As a; strong, empowered, woman who faced adversity, and in the face of adversity, built a wonderful like for her and her daughter. We also were examining her current relationship, which turned out to be the same man she was married to now. So, her issues of abandonment with him that weren’t based in reality in this life, were also resolved. One of the most fascinating things is we got enough information where she was actually able to find a record of this woman’s life.

 Didi: And I love when that happens, I just love it.

Leslie: It’s rare, I won’t kid you, it’s rare, but it does happen and it turned out to be I believe it was Chicago it turned out to be, but this woman that was part of her, her soul that had migrated from physical form to physical form, had lived that life and in my opinion, you can talk perhaps about keying in to the great, you know subconscious, the Jungian idea. But in my opinion, there would be no other way that so much data could have been revealed. Including; name, date, birthday dates, streets unless it was a real experience. 

 Didi: And that brings up another really interesting thing with past life regression. Is that latent talents that we’ve had in other lifetimes. We’ve all heard the story of the child that’s 3 years old that plays on the piano like Mozart. How is that possible?

 Leslie: Well, I think we bring these things with us, and we choose whether to act on them or not. We don’t always use all of our stuff in every life. Because the idea is to have different types of life experiences. But, say in the life between lives journey, when a soul is getting ready to come back into the body, they know that they want to experience a lifetime. Say for instance, as a classical pianist. So, the choice of parents could be as simple as, wanting to have that particular DNA. You can be like Benny Goodman, born into abject poverty with a horrible dysfunctional family and yet with incredible musical DNA, that in fact allowed him to fulfill you know, his particular life’s journey. And sometimes we pick our parents for just the DNA, and I just want to before I turn it back over to Didi, I just wanna say one other empowering thing about the concept of multiple lifetimes. Is that, we take responsibility, it is the opposite of the victim mentality. Because when you really get into this work and you have this experience yourself, you will see that you have made the choice. You have made the choice to re-enter physical life, you have made the choice about who your parents will be, who your siblings will be and perhaps even some of the major nodes, some of the major events of a specific lifetime. But, gone is the woe is me, I had brutal ignorant parents, I grew up in poverty, I was an only child, I was alone. All of that victim mentality is cast aside when we can really get to the essence of who we are and the fact that we have the power of choice. Every moment, every Nanosecond. 

 Didi: And that, you couldn’t be more correct in that. So, I had again another colleague who was suffering a terrible divorce; an absolutely terrible divorce and he was just beside himself. And, a couple of hypnotherapist and I got together, and we said well, we really got to do this for him. So, we did, and not only was he able to embrace the latent talents from other lifetimes, he was a big warrior in one lifetime. We could only recall that he had dark skin, and to this day he’s an American blue-eyed blonde, so it’s really interesting. He was some kind of warrior so he, he embraced that persona, those characteristics and when we went to the life in between life he found out why he had chosen this woman and what his journey was with her. So that made a huge difference in how the divorce proceeded from then on in. And it was not a pleasant divorce at all which many of us have heard. But again, speaking books, I love the latent talent thing. People actually speak different languages. Well under hypnosis that they have no idea how to speak. Brian Wice who is just probably the number one pioneer in past life regression talked about a woman who flew in from Japan I think it was, and she had her Japanese interpreter with her. And at some point, she entered into a life and as an American and she began to speak English and the interpreter began to speak in Japanese and when he realized what he was doing he went, what… So, I just find it so amazing. And there are even cases with children, where they were speaking ancient Aramaic or really dead languages that they actually had to take the recording to a linguist to sort it out and figure out what language is this they’re speaking. So, we have to ask ourselves, how is that possible?

 Leslie: Indeed, well, there’re only two options, there’s a great unconscious that we all tap into or this is a real experience. And what you mention with the knowledge of dead or ancient languages, I have upon occasion also been able to have clients draw hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt. Even what would be identified as Ogham which is one of the most ancient written languages. It’s a part of the ancient Celtic ancient Irish tradition. So not only will they display verbal knowledge of these languages, but you can also sometimes get written proof as well.

 Didi: So, the thing is, whether we’re tapping into some vast unconscious information database, or whether it’s a past life, it’s still amazing either way.

 Leslie: It is, so we are non-sectarian we’re not concerned with any religious doctrine or beliefs system. We have both worked with people of all faiths and all cultures over the years.  The power of the process is breathtaking, it is an incredible tool for; transformation, an incredible tool for resolution, for change, for fulfillment. And whether it’s a metaphor, whether we’re tapping into the Akashic records or whatever, or the giant computer or whether these are literal experiences, it’s irrelevant to us.

 Didi: Yeah, it doesn’t matter, because in the end, when the client gets; the profound healing, the insights, the abilities to transform their lives nowadays, as a result of experiencing the past, that’s all that matters. 

Leslie: Indeed, and, if those of you who are watching are concerned with…and I think this probably the number one concern that people seeking this type of process come to me with, almost everyone can experience past life regression…

 Didi: Yes, I haven’t had a problem yet with anybody so.

 Leslie: Only on a very small handful of occasions has it not been overly successful and that was really due more to the fear of what the person might find out. It was a very time type of thing that inhibited the process. But that’s very rare, I’d say 85%, 90% of the time you know, I’m able to assist the client through a very positive and enlightening experience. 

 Didi: So, anything else you’d like to leave our audience with in terms of past life or in between life.

 Leslie: Well, the life between life process usually stands on its own. We don’t do that in concert with a past life regression unless that is requested by the client.  But more commonly, the inter-life regression which you can call it, is even longer and more involved than the past life regression. So, to give yourself as the client the maximum beneficial experience, I would recommend doing this in two separate sessions. 

 Didi: And regarding the inter-life, it can be great and clarifying one’s life purpose. Cause a lot of times we are born, sometimes, we’re aware of our life purpose, sometimes we’re not. Sometimes we completely get off and take another path, and we’re confused and we’re not happy. We may even be depressed and hopeless because we’ve lost our path. So, the inter-life and exploring that, is really-really valuable in finding out one’s life purpose and getting back on your path so.

 Leslie: Indeed, So this is all about the transformation, and resolution and not the mention the fact that it’s a fascinating-fascinating journey. 

Didi: It is, and for us as well, we’re very privileged to be able to do this work. 

Leslie: We are privileged and we love it.

 Didi: We love it, I think we can agree that it’s probably one of our most favorite things to do, it really is

 Leslie: It is -it is without question, without question it is, it’s always…

  Didi: I feel like I should pay my clients

Leslie: It’s always surprising and you know sometimes, I’ll just out this little footnote out there, one of the most beautiful things about, and you can certainly get this perspective from world travel. It’s not necessary to do regression, but we are all the same, we are all one you can be in a male body you can be in a female body, we didn’t discuss that much but for most people it’s split kind of 50/ 50. You can be of any ethnicity, any belief system, any culture, and country but we are all one. We all have the same needs and desires and loves and passions and we’re all one and I feel that the work that we do in past life regression is helping to change the world you know, one person at a time.

 Didi: That’s right.

 Leslie: Yeah

 Didi: Well everybody, it was nice speaking with you, and stay tuned for part two.



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