Past Life Regression & Life In Between Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a means of exploring the possibility that we may have lived other previous lifetimes. It is also an opportunity to understand how those past events and past life experiences (and relationships) have impacted on, and informed our current, present day lives. Although there continue to be a variety of philosophical, theological and scientific opinions as to whether we have actually lived other lifetimes, what is crystal clear is that to the unconscious mind, the experience of having a past life regression is very real, and very profound. In fact, recent “real-time brain mapping” technology has revealed that when the brains of hypnotic subjects were scanned while undergoing the past life regression process, activity was not shown in the “creative” or “imaginative” centers of the brain (as one might expect), but surprisingly the activity occurred in the deep memory centers – underscoring the fact that whatever was happening in the brain during the regression process, it was NOT confabulated by the hypnotic subject. Mainstream science is at a loss to explain these startling research results. Other evidence for the existence of past lives includes the ability of the hypnotic regression subject to speak, or have knowledge of foreign languages that are unknown to them in their present day life. This is phenomena is called Xenoglossy, and in some cases, the languages spoken were so rare, that it required a linguist specializing in ancient languages to identify them.

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Why do a Past Life Regression?


If you find yourself suffering from a phobia, psychological block, recurring or inexplicable physical ailment or condition, or an issue that seems to have no rational cause or origin in your current life, then Past Life Regression Hypnosis can help. Once past life memories are brought into one’s present day awareness, most often a profound realization or cathartic release is experienced that brings a sense of resolution to the issue.


Past life regression can also be useful in addressing and resolving relationship issues within our immediate family, with our friends, and also within our intimate relationships. A commonly held belief in the metaphysical world is that we continue to reincarnate over and over again within our “soul group”, which will invariably include many of the primary characters in our present lives, so that we may learn and grow from one another. Unfortunately, we tend to re-enact past conflicts and haul baggage around with us that has been carried over from those past lives. The insight gained from one’s past life relationships or from the “life between lives” experience can be particularly helpful in resolving today’s current intra-personal issues.


Are Past Lives Real?


There is a continuing debate as to whether past lives are real, or whether they are simply metaphors created by our subconscious mind to bring both the problem and the solution to light from a deeper level of oneself. If one experiences themselves in the past as a great warrior, then this may be a useful attitude to adopt in this life, in the current situation that the individual finds themselves in. Seeing, sensing and experiencing oneself as the main character from this deeper and more profound place can be a life altering experience for some.


What About My Life Between Lives Experience?


Occasionally we may become existentially confused about just why we are here, or what our purpose is. Past Life Regression into our life between lives can be a valuable tool in retrieving information and clarifying our purpose, or any other existential questions that we may have.


 Benefits of Past Life Regression Hypnosis


Past Life regression and Life between Life regression hypnosis can be a profound tool for personal growth and healing, as well as a path for receiving many useful insights.

  • Experience personal relationships in a new light
  • Utilize talents and abilities from the past
  • Release fears, anxieties, physical ailments and phobia’s linked to past life traumas
  • Experience the transitional states of death and beyond (Life between lives)
  • Utilize information from the in-between-life state to help you guide your current life
  • Understand and align with your current life’s purpose