Didi Vergados On Psychoneuroimmunology & The Mind Body Connection

Psychoneuroimmunology & The Mind-Body Connection With Didi Vergados of Bloom Hypnosis Toronto Transcript

Didi: Hi everybody, my name is Didi Vergados and welcome to my body health. What are the possibilities for healing when we bring our minds into the equation, and can we really change the expression of our genes with our thoughts alone? And how is it that when we really believe in something, miraculous healing’s can occur. Like, in the placebo effect or religious healing experiences, these are all questions that have been pondered by mankind for thousands of years. Scientists, healers, and Philosophers alike are working to discover the how behind these questions. The growing field of psychoneuroimmunology is one such discipline which strives to find out the interrelationship between; our minds, our thoughts and, how they impact our nervous and immune systems and, how we can use this connection to heal ourselves faster, and less invasively. Some interesting findings in psychoneuroimmunology, are showing us that who we are; our character, our beliefs, and how we manage our lives, will play the larger role in whether we’ll manifest disease or not. An example of this is when researchers took sets of siblings, who were both predisposed genetically to get rheumatoid arthritis, and administered extensive personality questionnaires. Here’s what they found, in one case, where one of the female siblings manifested the arthritis, her personality characteristics tended to be; masochistic, self-sacrificing, and unassertive. She was running what was called, a nice guy pattern, and this is a trait that’s also seen in a high percentage of cancer patients. She was rarely able to express anger, complained of being trapped in a bad marriage, yet, 81% of the subjects who manifested the arthritis, never fought with their husbands. They also described themselves as being; tense, worried, depressed, moody, shy inhibited and hard to get to know. Whereas the siblings who remained healthy were described as; having good boundaries, able to express anger, had reasonably happy and stable marriages, yet not a single healthy sibling said that she didn’t fight with her husband. They also described themselves as; active, busy, sociable, energetic and enjoying life with an optimistic attitude. Another such field which studies the relationship between; our genes, our thoughts, and our environment, is called epigenetics. And it was first made popular by geneticists, Bruce Lipton. Researchers are now discovering, that the expression of our genes, that is, whether a gene will turn on a disease, as in the case mentioned with the siblings, can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as; our environment, our social interactions, our physical activity, diet and stress levels. Just like psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics is showing us, that we do in fact, have control over the expression of our genes. But, what about using the power of our minds alone? As a hypnotist, I’ve been privileged in my practice to see many unconventional healings that were brought about by working with the mind, and I’ve sought out and interviewed, many of the world’s top hypnotists on the Miracles they’ve seen using hypnosis. And what I learned even astounded me about what’s possible. The one story that I heard time and time again, with the ability to get rid of a tumor using hypnosis in a relatively short period of time. And many of these miraculous healings were later confirmed and documented by medical scans. Other stories I heard were how clients were able to manage and even heal, so-called, incurable autoimmune diseases like; multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even lupus to name a few. The one thing that we do know, that was utilized in this equation, was the power of the mind. But what I’m pleased to say that we’ve not yet discovered, is just how far we can take this.  


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