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Weight Loss Video Testimonials

 Rick loses 110lbs in just 9 months: Watch his story here

Antoinette Speaks About Her Experience With Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Hypnotherapist Anne Denny Speaks About Her Weight Loss & Effects of  Aversion Therapy For   Food Triggers

Hypnotist Lori Hammond Shares Her Experience Of Getting Rid of Her Dunkin Donut Cravings As Well As How She Has Helped Many Of Her Own Clients With Weight Loss & Food Aversion Therapy

Hypnotist Christine Shares Her Experience Working With Didi For Out of Control Sugar Cravings That Led to Depression and Bulimia and Weight Gain In The Past

Lorna Shares Her Experience With Working With Weight Loss and Reducing Carbs & Sugar Due to A Fear Of Failing Health

Listen to Hypnotist Elena Who Needed To Stop Eating Sugar For Both Weight Loss and Inflammation Issues

Written Testimonials

Weight Loss Testimonials

Hi my name is Bell and the effects of my sessions with Didi for weight loss were almost immediate. I made more progress in my first couple of sessions than all the other therapies combined. Didi is the first person who actually ‘gets it’.

–Bell, Voice over specialist, Stage Director

Hi, my name is Lori. I have been overweight for 90% of my life which totally “runs in my family”. My loving husband, who loves me in all the sizes I have been, knows my struggles and gave me the perfect gift … sessions with Didi Vergados of the Bloom Center for Hypnotherapy. Through our sessions I have gained a lot of insight into my own blessings and failings. Didi, through our sessions, has given me some “cues” … as I like to call them … that I use everyday to help me with my weight loss. Without these “cues” I wouldn’t have been able to get on track and start my journey to being the person I really want to be! I have learned that I need to put myself first, to know how hungry I am, or not, and to rely on myself rather than others. My journey is long from over, but I am forever thankful for the help that Didi, and the Bloom Center for Hypnotherapy has given me, and will continue to give me, whenever I need it.

— Lori

My first session I was explained how “my ideal self” would help me get in the mind frame for hypnosis – reading this as I start my day would mentally prepare me, at first I was skeptical. It really didn’t occur how much it was changing the way I thought until I walked into the grocery store and I didn’t even think about the junk food while I was in the store. I had passed by the isles and even though I did see the chips, cookies, chocolate, it did not faze me. I was amazed I did this so easily and I did not even doubt myself. This was the first time in my life I did not have temptation while in a grocery store. I started to notice the entire week how positive I was -I went from being negative mind frame about everything to seeing everything in a positive light, all from positive thinking. I believe anything is possible through this process – the mind is a beautiful thing and with it we all can achieve the impossible.

We all need to understand the reasons why we over eat or eat poorly – it’s a fear many people have to face however instead of being afraid of facing the fear we need to embrace it – if I have learned anything from this process it is this – embracing the fears will cure the battles of the mind the struggles of the heart, the knowledge to know the difference.

— J. Kelly

General Testimonials

What I like the most is that we worked Together, Didi didn’t TELL me what to do, we came up with a solution together, it was more like being guided or steered (if that’s a word) in the right direction.

—  KLB

I would like to thank Didi the hypnotherapist at Bloom Center For Hypnotherapy very much for taking the time to help me clarify as to how to approach my meditation instruction career.

The insights were amazing in that I actually saw and felt myself as though I were an old Tibetan Monk with his disciples attentively listening to his every word. It gave me courage to persevere and to get over the stage fright of guiding my Clients into a world (and a head space) that only meditation can transcend us too.

Beyond that, “seeing” myself as a teacher, I felt completely at ease, and in the realm of unconditional love, as though it is what I’m supposed to be doing and for that I am eternally grateful to your skill, patience and acumen in helping me overcome any doubts.

Again, thank you so much. You have sincerely put my mind at ease.

— H. Keskin

When I first worked with Bruce I found him to be a great therapist. He listened to my concerns and was incredibly knowledgeable. He is a lovely person to work with.  The first work we did was some blind work where the hypnotist does not know what issue the client is working on. This was a great choice as I was very nervous in the beginning, actually I near had a panic attack from the prospect of meeting someone I had never met before and working with them.  We established rapport, and he guided me though a process that helped with visualizations to get rid of a lot of the negativity that I associated with past memories. Instantly I could see the value of a process such as this one.  I left feeling positive and calm.  Which was a feat in itself.

Long term, I think that the work done with Bruce has taught me how to gain confidence. He has taught me some amazing skills that I will use in my practise. The major thing would be confidence I think it is something I was lacking before. He is a good teacher, his own confidence is exuded and transferred to you through his comments. Many times I think about my dependence on scripts and I will never forget his comment about how 90% is the therapists intent. This has helped assuade some of my fears incredibly. Bruce did work with me to help me get over my fears with being a good hypnotist. and I can say with certainty that his work set me on a path of success. I have an internal knowing that I will be successful. I look back at fears that would debilitate me and the amount of ‘crisis’ calls I now make to my friends for support and it has reduced dramatically. It is difficult for me to pinpoint what process specifically  was the particularly successful one because I am doing a series of work onmyself  with many healing modalities at once, but I feel like working with Bruce has laid some of the groundwork that has propelled me to find the final answers to so many of my previous dysfunctionalities. Bruce is a lovely coach and teacher, not just from myself but other colleagues that have worked with him. I highly recommend him.

— CR Hypnotherapist

I went to Bloom Hypnotherapy to deal with my claustrophobia issues. I was anxious about getting into crowded elevators – and about getting and staying on a plane for a few hours, but I like to travel so I wanted to try and resolve this issue. I had found that traditional talk therapy was not working for me. The professionals at Bloom Center For Hypnotherapy helped solve my problem in a very short period of time.  I now find my claustrophobia is manageable on airplanes, and I can get into a crowded elevator without a second thought.

I enjoyed the hypnotherapy because it was relaxing and gave me tools to deal with anxiety, and made me feel calm and in control. It also worked quickly to reduce my fears. I now know that I am stronger than I thought, and that with practice, we can control or guide our thoughts to better places to decrease anxiety and increase happiness.

I would highly recommend Bloom Center for Hypnotherapy to anyone who has any problems or issues that they would like to resolve. It is a pleasant relaxing way to explore anxieties and I found the staff at Bloom to be helpful, professional and accommodating. The Hypnotherapist Didi Vergados was reassuring and explained everything she was going to do in detail. It is a pleasant relaxing way to explore anxieties and has helped me immensely.

— Cindi B. Teacher

Bruce Anderson helped me overcome my self-imposed limitations by carefully assessing my past and identifying those key blockages that were preventing me from being my true self. He helped me overcome issues such as lack of self-confidence, fear/anxiety and family issues. We did this by going into my past through using regression hypnosis and identifying those key events and circumstances that had created the limitations. Bruce helped me to identify the lessons learned from these outcomes and to subconsciously deal with potentially less than positive future outcomes.

Bruce was professional and thorough in his approach with helping me breakdown my limitations. We sat together for several sessions completing fun and interactive exercises including self hypnosis, using a talisman, chakra balancing, and visiting my past through directed hypnosis. Each week was progressive and built on the prior week’s session. I instantly felt improvements after visiting Bruce.

I now know how to deal with any situation by recognizing there is a lesson to be learned and now there is little or no negative emotion attached to these outcomes. My mind is more clear and at ease with regards to pursuing my goals and ambitions. I already see a change in how I interact with others and how I deal with situations. While there will always be less than positive outcomes, I can subconsciously deal with them almost instantaneously. I highly recommend Bruce to anyone seeking help to break down any limitations that could be holding them back from achieving what they rightfully deserve.

— VP

Health Testimonials

“I first sought out help from Didi Vergados about a year ago when I realized I had developed chronic physical and emotional conditions as a result of having suffered a very severe life trauma. Her special personal gifts as a therapist combined with her very professional techniques of mind-body perspective have alleviated most of my symptoms and have given me new hop in live in such an amazingly short time.

I am a 60 year old woman who has experienced other forms of therapy in the past such as on-on-one psychotherapy as well as group work. Didi’s genuine concern, spirituality and effective application of techniques is positively unequivocal.

Didi Vergados is a healer and a professional therapist with an important future!

–MJ McNicholl

Written Quit Smoking Testimonials

“If I knew in my 20’s that in my fifties I would lose both my mother and my sister to lung cancer, as well as have 1/5 of my lung and 20% of my breathing capacity removed – I would have never started smoking.”

–Bev V.